Published Date

June 3, 2018

Resource Type

AHA Standards and Guidelines

AHA Topics

Academic Departmental Affairs, Career Paths, Professional Life

Proposed by the AHA Professional Division and approved by AHA Council, June 3, 2018.

The American Historical Association is part of a global community of historians and history departments in the United States that benefit from international faculty. The AHA recommends that employers of historians be attentive to specific conditions that pertain to hiring our international colleagues, including visa requirements and logistics. Institutions hiring historians should do the necessary research to enable application for the visa that is most beneficial to the scholar’s career and family. Employers should prepare necessary documents in a timely manner to prevent potential delays in the commencement of work. Similarly, we ask that historians’ employers remain supportive of a scholar’s need to travel for research and conferences, by aiding with travel-related paperwork, permissions, and occasional emergencies.