Published Date

September 10, 1884

From First Meeting of the American Historical Association (1884)

A meeting of the Executive Council was held during the evening of the last day, September 10th, of the first annual convention of the American Historical Association, to determine the future policy of the new society. It was resolved:

  1. That the time and place of the next meeting be decided by a committee of three members of the Executive Council, said committee to consist of the President, A. D. White; the First Vice-President, Justin Winsor; and the Secretary, H. B. Adams.
  2. That the Secretary be instructed to prepare and publish an official report of the organization and proceedings at Saratoga, with abstracts of all papers read.
  3. That such papers of the Association as may be accepted for the purpose be published in monographic, serial form, with a view to collecting these publications in a series of volumes.
  4. That papers which are to be offered for reading to the Association, at any of its meetings, be first sent, at least in abstract, to the Secretary, and that such papers or abstracts be by him referred to a special committee of one or more for examination.
  5. That nominations for election be referred by the Secretary to the Executive Council.
  6. That, in the opinion of the Council, there is nothing in the Constitution of the American Historical Association to prevent the admission of women into the Association upon the same qualifications as those required of men.

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