Published Date

January 3, 2019

Resource Type

AHA Policies and Documents

Adopted December 5, 2013; revised January 3, 2019

The main responsibility of the Investment Committee is to provide a strategic framework for the investment of AHA’s financial assets and to monitor the work of our investment managers.  To help implement the strategic framework, the Investment Committee will recommend to the Finance Committee investment objectives and guidelines for its investment policy consistent with the strategic framework.

The Investment Committee will also ensure that any investment managers hired to implement the investment policy abides by the AHA’s statement of investment objectives and guidelines and request corrections when necessary.  The Investment Subcommittee will meet this responsibility by having at least two conference calls per year with the investment managers.  These normally will take place in May and December, timed to precede meetings of the Association’s Finance Committee. The Investment Committee will select and oversee the group retirement annuity contract for AHA employees and will periodically review and recommend changes to the contract. The Investment Committee may delegate related operational authorities to members of the staff. The Investment Committee will report on the AHA employee group annuity contract, the results of the AHA investment portfolio, and the performance of the investment managers hired to the Finance Committee on a semiannual basis and will recommend changes to the investment objectives and guidelines and in the selection of investment managers as necessary.