Published Date

October 4, 1998

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AHA Resource, For the Classroom


Ancient, Teaching Methods

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Teaching & Learning, Undergraduate Education



Fall 1998

Instructor: David R. Smith

SAS–Stearns, Adas and Schwarz, World Civilizations, vol 1
H– Homer’s Odyssey, Richmond Lattimore, translator
R– The Ramayana, A shortened modern version by R.K. Narayan
C–Confucius Analects

HST 101 is the first course in the world history survey, covering the ancient period from prehistory to 500 c.e. The main thrust of the course is for students to learn how to do world history and apply their knowledge to the ancient world. In addition to reading the material listed above, students will be expected to participate in daily activities such as writing, creating charts and maps, and discussing the reading assignments. For this reason, attendance and preparation are required.