Published Date

January 1, 2016

Resource Type

AHA Resource, For the Classroom


Asian American and Pacific Islander, Migration, Immigration, & Diaspora

AHA Topics

Teaching & Learning, Undergraduate Education


Asia, United States

Institution: Johnson County Community College

Location: Overland Park, KS

Participant: Vincent A. Clark

Year: 2016

As a result of work in the Bridging Cultures program and further study, I have prepared the following module on Chinese immigrants for my US history survey classes. The materials consist of an illustrated introduction, excerpts from four contemporaneous articles, an online quiz (not included in these materials), and an assignment for an e-mail discussion. The introduction describes not only the life of the immigrants in the United States but their economic and cultural background in China. The goal is to expand the students’ knowledge to include the China from which these immigrants came. Two of the articles oppose Chinese immigrants; two praise them. They are designed to let students see the varying perceptions of the immigrants, the arguments for and against Chinese immigration, and the complex class and ethnic dimensions of this controversy.

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