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October 4, 1998

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AHA Resource, For the Classroom


Ancient, Teaching Methods

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David Richard Smith

History Department, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


David Lipscomb College, B.A., l964

Vanderbilt University, M.A., l966

University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D., l968 Classical Studies Major


9/1/70-present. History Department, California State Polytechnic University. Lecturer, 1970-71; Asst. Prof., 1971-75; Assoc. Prof., 1975-1980; Professor, 1980-present; Department Chair, 1981-87.

7/1/68-7/1/70. Classics Department, University of California, Riverside, Ass’t Prof.

Assoc. Editor, Helios, 1975-77.

Program Director, 1996 WHA Conference


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Chair: “Black Athena” Panel, AHA Conference, Jan 1995

AHA Conference, Commentator Jan 1994

Rocky Mountain Regional WHA Conference, 1993 Workshop on Learning Through Discussion Method

WHA National Conference, 1993, Chair, “Black Athena” Panel

California Council for Social Studies Conference, 1993 “Great Themes of Ancient World History”

California Council for Social Studies Conference, 1992 “LTD Method for World History”

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History of Civilizations, all periods

Ancient Greece, Rome, Early Medieval Europe, High Middle Ages, Technology in World History, Greek and Latin Languages