Published Date

January 1, 2016

AHA Topics

Career Paths

This resource was developed as part of the AHA’s Career Diversity for Historians initiative.

By Connected Academics
Modern Language Association

Using This Guide: This syllabus is a useful framework for organizing and selecting topics for a large- or small-scale workshop on prospective career paths. While this example is geared towards literature and language PhDs, the themes address humanities-wide issues.

Note: In the second year of the program, sessions were extended to four hours, based on feedback from participants.

Purpose of This Seminar: This seminar consisted of six sessions held between September 2015 and April 2016 at MLA’s offices and other locations throughout New York. These sessions, hosting a diverse range of topics and speakers, provided an opportunity for students to develop job searching skills, visit sites that employ PhDs, and learn how to be “ambassadors” for a large professional network.

Skills This Seminar Addresses: Communication, Collaboration, Intellectual Self-Confidence, Digital Literacy

Connected Academics Proseminar Syllabus (pdf)