Virtual Field Trip

  • Native Knowledge 360ᵒ Education Initiative

    Smithsonian Institution | Aug 31, 2021

    The resource provides informational and instructional materials that incorporate Native narratives, more comprehensive histories, and accurate information to enlighten and...

    K-12 Teachers Alliance | Aug 4, 2021

    This site includes resources ranging from engaging classroom activities to teaching strategies to tips on professional growth.
  • Virtual Tour of the Museum of the American Revolution

    Museum of the American Revolution | Aug 3, 2021

    The resource invites visitors to explore its immersive galleries through 360-degree panoramic images.
  • Teaching About the Holocaust Online

    US Holocaust Memorial Museum | Jun 17, 2021

    The resource offers a wide range of robust online educational resources

Most Recent

  • George Washington's Mount Vernon — Educational Resources

    Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union | May 18, 2021

    The resource immerses teachers and students into Washington’s world at Mount Vernon and beyond. 
  • The Historic New Orleans Collection

    The Historic New Orleans Collection | May 14, 2021

    The resource offers educators the means to engage through a pre-scheduled group virtual field trip or a one-on-one customized virtual field trip.
  • Museum of History and Holocaust Education

    Kennesaw State University | May 13, 2021

    The resource has various tools to help K-12 and university teachers deliver course content and activities on WWII and Holocaust history.
  • American Battlefield Trust

    American Battlefield Trust | May 12, 2021

    The resource educates the public about what happened during the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War and why it matters.
  • Cape Coast Castle

    Professor Heinz Rüther, Zamani Project | Apr 27, 2021

    The resource features 3D visualizations and present day images of a fortified trading post used for the transatlantic slave trade.

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