The Global History Podcast

Chase Caldwell Smith, UCLA; Jeffrey C.J. Chen, Stanford University | Apr 1, 2021

The Global History Podcast explores cross-cultural encounters in the early modern world to serve as enrichment for students and instructors of the 16th to the early 19th centuries. This podcast explores various themes in global history, focusing on the networks of people, trade, ideas, and commodities that connected distant continents in the age of sail. The Global History Podcast episodes also consider questions such as: Which sources can best illuminate cross-cultural encounters, and what interpretive difficulties do they raise? What are the challenges and opportunities of writing global histories of the early modern period? Each episode runs approximately 35-100 minutes long. Some episodes feature downloadable transcripts and images with guiding questions.

Tags: Atlantic World Caribbean East Asia Europe Islamic Empires Latin America Mexico Pacific Rim & Oceania Russia, Eurasia, & Eastern Europe South Asia Southeast Asia World Lecture, Podcast, & Documentary Cultural Empires Medicine, Science, & Technology Race & Ethnicity Religion Research Methods Slavery 1400-1600 1600-1800


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