Southern Africa

  • Disability Visibility Project

    Alice Wong | Aug 4, 2021

    The resource is an online community dedicated to creating, sharing, and amplifying disability media and culture.
  • BlackPast

    BlackPast | Jul 20, 2021

    The resource is an online reference center makes available a wealth of materials on African American history in one central location on the Internet.
  • Nursing Clio

    Jacqueline Antonovich, Muhlenberg College, Executive Editor | May 24, 2021

    The resource is an open access, peer-reviewed, collaborative blog project that ties historical scholarship to present-day issues related to gender and medicine.
  • Teaching About Nelson Mandela, Apartheid and the Struggle for Freedom

    Boston University’s African Studies Center and Africa Access Review | Mar 24, 2021

    The resource offers strategies in teaching about the anti-apartheid movement.

Most Recent

  • Beyond the Bubble

    Stanford History Education Group; Library of Congress | Sep 11, 2020

    This source unlocks for classroom use the vast digital archive of the Library of Congress.