Slave Voyages

The Trans-Atlantic and Intra-American Slave Trade Databases

Emory University Center for Digital Scholarship, the University of California at Irvine, and the University of California at Santa Cruz, the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University | Sep 9, 2020

This digital memorial raises questions about the largest slave trades in history and offers access to the documentation available to answer them. European colonizers turned to Africa for enslaved laborers to build the cities and extract the resources of the Americas. They forced millions of mostly unnamed Africans across the Atlantic to the Americas, and from one part of the Americas to another. Analyze these slave trades and view interactive maps, timelines, and animations to see the dispersal in action.

Tags: Africa Atlantic World Canada Caribbean Europe Latin America North America South America United States World Data & Statistics Lesson Plans Maps Primary Source Collection for Research Assignments Primary Sources Readings Timelines Teaching Guide African American African Diaspora Cultural Digital Methods Economic Empires Environmental Exploration & Expansion Human Rights & Violations Labor Legal Maritime Medicine, Science, & Technology Migration & Immigration Political Race & Ethnicity Research Methods Slavery Social Visual Culture Women, Gender, & Sexuality 1400-1600 1600-1800 1800-1900


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