Making the History of 1989

The Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe

T. Mills Kelly, Principal Investigator, George Mason University | Aug 17, 2020

Making the History of 1989 examines intersecting developments that led to the collapse of the Communist regimes in 1989. Beginning with an introductory essay that works backwards from the fall of the Berlin Wall, the website offers primary sources, short scholar interviews, teaching modules, and case studies that guide instructors and students through this watershed year. Scholar interviews include personal experiences of those who worked and lived through this experience. The teaching modules include primary sources, teaching strategies, lesson plans, document-based questions, writing prompts, and an annotated bibliography.

Tags: Russia, Eurasia, & Eastern Europe World Accessibility Economic Human Rights & Violations Political States, Nations, & Nationalism Urban Visual Culture Women, Gender, & Sexuality 1945-Present


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