Latin American Travelogues

James N. Green, Carlos Manuel de C├ęspedes, and Patricia Figueroa | Jun 8, 2021

Latin American Travelogues is a digital collection of Latin American travel accounts written in the 16th through 19th centuries. Suitable for primary source research by undergraduate and graduate students, the documents are written in English, Spanish, and French, and help chronicle the colonial histories of Mexico, Central America, South American, the Caribbean islands, and, to some degree, the United States. The extensive collection of high quality digitized books is supplemented by six essay articles and a bibliography. 

Tags: Atlantic World Caribbean Latin America Mexico North America South America United States Primary Source Collection for Research Assignments Primary Sources Readings African American Book & Media Cultural Economic Empires Environmental Food & Foodways Labor Latinx Material Culture Migration & Immigration Native American & Indigenous Political Race & Ethnicity Slavery Social 1400-1600 1600-1800 1800-1900


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