Introduction to Remote Teaching

  • Online Teaching and Medieval Studies

    The Medieval Academy of America | Sep 23, 2021

    The resource offers a two-part webinar on approaches to teaching the Middle Ages for online learning.
  • ACUE's Online Teaching Toolkit

    Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) | Sep 21, 2021

    The resource is designed to support instructors transitioning to an online environment, offering resources and recommendations that can be immediately put...
  • Corwin Resources for Online Teaching

    Corwin/Sage Publishing | Sep 16, 2021

    The resource provides teachers at all levels with quick tips and extensive resources for online teaching and learning, whether synchronous, asynchronous, or hybrid.
  • Pandemic Pedagogy and the Limits of Compassion

    Beckie Supiano, Chronicle of Higher Education | Aug 20, 2021

    The resource is an article that explores the challenges of moving to remote or online instruction.

Most Recent

  • Teaching Online with Zoom

    University System of New Hampshire | Aug 20, 2021

    The resource introduces users to the features of Zoom.
  • Cornell University Center for Teaching Innovation

    Cornell University | Jul 6, 2021

    The resource prioritizes five synergistic, interdependent domains: innovation, diversity, evidence-based teaching, assessment and evaluation, and technology.
  • Share My Lesson

    American Federation of Teachers | Jun 7, 2021

    The resource includes hundreds of teacher resources, including social studies lesson plans and collections for middle and high school classes.
  • How to Teach Remotely

    Maayke de Vries | May 3, 2021

    The resource is a EuroClio article that offers five tips for teaching remotely.
  • Distance Learning Solutions

    UNESCO | May 3, 2021

    The resource includes lists of remote learning tools, educational applications, platforms and resources, as well as mental health guidelines for educators and students.

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