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  • Using Digital History in the Classroom: Three Simple Principles

    Perspectives Daily

    John Rosinbum | Nov 14, 2019

    New to digital history? These three steps may help you incorporate #DigHist into your classroom.
  • High School Students Lobby Congress—and Win


    Ethan Ehrenhaft | Oct 31, 2019

    Amid a resurgence of white nationalism, New Jersey high schoolers seek justice through federal bill releasing civil rights cold cases to the public.
  • The Phone Call We All Dread


    Benjamin Linzy | Oct 24, 2019

    Family tragedies had Benjamin Linzy in crisis during graduate school. Fortunately, his professors and peers were able to help.
  • The Elephant in the Room


    Erin Leigh Inama, Sarah Stoller, and James Vernon | Oct 17, 2019

    Everyone knows depression and anxiety are endemic to graduate programs. Why can't we discuss them?

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