Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching Career Diversity through Informational Interviews

    Perspectives Daily

    Purnima Dhavan | Jul 16, 2018

    Informational interviews form the core of Purnima Dhavan's graduate professionalization seminar.
  • Classroom Goals

    Perspectives Daily

    Andrew H. Lee | Jul 5, 2018

    Even when students know little about history, the "beautiful game" can inspire deep inquiry about the past. 
  • Class Warfare

    AHA Today

    Matt Drwenski and Dave Eaton | Jun 15, 2018

    The decision to change the AP World History course to start after 1450 CE has been met with strong resistance from students, teachers, and academics.
  • Cultivating Mentoring Relationships in Grad School

    AHA Today

    Sarah Mellors | Jun 14, 2018

    Students have more agency than they realize when it comes to getting the mentoring they need in grad school.

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