• Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie (1929–2023)

    In Memoriam

    William Chester Jordan | Apr 30, 2024

    Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, distinguished historian of ancien régime France, died at age 94 on November 22, 2023.
  • George K. Behlmer (1948–2024)

    In Memoriam

    Jordanna Bailkin, Jane Cater, Glennys Young | Apr 30, 2024

    George K. Behlmer, historian of modern Britain and professor emeritus at the University of Washington, died on January 4, 2024.
  • A Trading Card Collection

    Everything Has a History

    David K. Wessel | Apr 25, 2024

    Among the objects we found in my father’s effects after his death was what seemed to be a photo album. Carefully sealed in a gallon-sized food storage...
  • Embodied Knowledge


    Lauren Mancia | Apr 11, 2024

    What can a third grader teach a historian about her craft?

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