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Since 1962, Perspectives on History has cultivated the community of historians and promoted our work by publishing articles and commentary on all aspects of the historical discipline. The print magazine and its online presence showcase work by historians working in various professional settings.

The print edition is published bimonthly and online from September to May, with online-only articles in Perspectives Daily published year round. A print subscription is available only with AHA membership.

Questions or feedback? Email perspectives@historians.org.

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Write for Us

Perspectives welcomes articles on all aspects of the practice of history and by all kinds of historians, at all degree levels, and of all professional ranks. We strive to be a place for historians across the discipline to share their ideas and enthusiasm. All articles for Perspectives on History should be written in a style that can engage a wide audience, and all article submissions are subject to review by the Perspectives editorial board.

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Long Overdue

Perspectives on History launched the Long Overdue project in 2023 as part of the Racist Histories and the AHA initiative. Long Overdue aims to publish obituaries for historians of color whose passing the AHA did not mark.

Crafting a Perspectives Issue

Have you ever wondered how a Perspectives on History issue comes together? This process involves editorial strategy, hard work, and often a dollop of good timing.


Reading and taking notes in book

Information about the copyright policy when writing for Perspectives.

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On request of the author, the AHA will update author names in the digital version of publications.


We encourage Perspectives on History authors to share their articles widely with colleagues and other contacts.