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  • Retirement Resources

    | Jan 20, 2023

    Guidelines for RetirementJacqueline Jones27 November 2022When it comes to retiring, there is no single one-size-fits-all set of considerations or proc...
  • Letters of Recommendation and Open Records Legislation

    From the Professional Division

    Rita Chin | Apr 21, 2021

    Open records laws and the rapid dissemination of information through social media can shift the landscape of peer evaluation.
  • Planning for the Future

    Perspectives Daily

    Cecily Hill | Jun 15, 2020

    The NHA has designed a toolkit of surveys to assess the effectiveness of humanities programs.
  • Grant of the Week: 2019 Delphi Award

    Perspectives Daily

    Sarah Weicksel | Jun 7, 2019

    The Pullias Center for Higher Education is accepting applications for its 2019 Delphi Award until July 15.

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