AHA Activities

  • Awards and Prizes

    AHA Activities

    Rebecca L. West | Mar 20, 2024

    How does the AHA select winners of its awards and prizes?
  • Resolution Passed at the 137th Business Meeting

    AHA Activities

    AHA Staff | Mar 19, 2024

    This resolution passed on January 6 and was accepted by the Council on January 24, 2024.
  • Conversations with the Dead

    AHA Activities

    Mark Philip Bradley | Mar 12, 2024

    Get a peek inside the latest issue of the AHR.
  • 2024 AHA Nominations

    AHA Activities

    Compiled by Liz Townsend | Mar 11, 2024

    The Nominating Committee offers the following candidates for offices of the AHA.

Most Recent

  • AHA Council, Divisions, and Committees for 2024

    Compiled by Liz Townsend | Mar 1, 2024

    CouncilThavolia Glymph (Duke Univ.), AHA president; Ben Vinson III (Howard Univ.), AHA president-ele...
  • Actions by the AHA Council

    AHA Staff | Feb 5, 2024

    Find out what the AHA Council was up to in the second half of 2023.
  • Legislative Advocacy Letters

    Katherine Brausch and Julia Brookins | Jan 30, 2024

    What is the process of putting together a letter responding to state legislatures?
  • The Program Committee

    Laura Ansley | Jan 18, 2024

    How does the AHA select which sessions and posters will be included on each year’s conference program?
  • Deeply Rooted

    L. Renato Grigoli | Jan 16, 2024

    Get to know Thavolia Glymph, the 140th president of the American Historical Association.

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