• R. Keith Schoppa (1943–2022)

    In Memoriam

    Thomas R. Pegram, Elizabeth Schmidt, and Matthew Mulcahy | Oct 31, 2022

    R. Keith Schoppa, professor emeritus at Loyola University Maryland, died on June 27, 2022.
  • Art as Historical Method

    AHA Activities

    Mark Philip Bradley | Oct 11, 2022

    Identity, colonial legacies, and recovering knowledge are all showcased in the latest issue of the AHR.
  • Kathleen L. Lodwick (1944–2022)

    In Memoriam

    Anthony E. Clark | Sep 30, 2022

    Kathleen L. Lodwick, professor emerita of at Penn State University, died on July 7, 2022.
  • The Peach Tree

    Everything Has a History

    Robert Antony | Aug 30, 2022

    From their wood to their fruit, peach trees form a powerful guard against evil in Chinese folklore.

Most Recent

  • “Two Separate Societies, Divided by Color”

    Trishula Patel | Aug 9, 2022

    The diverse casting of the Netflix series Bridgerton raises questions about a fictional version of the past without colonialism.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: John D. Wong

    Matthew Keough | Jun 9, 2022

    John D. Wong is an associate professor at the University of Hong Kong. He lives in Hong Kong and has been a member since 2012.
  • Empires, Families, and Engaged History

    Mark Philip Bradley | Apr 28, 2022

    Questions of empire, race, family, and knowledge production weave throughout the articles in the latest AHR issue.
  • Maya K. Peterson (1980–2021)

    Brendan Karch | Mar 31, 2022

    Maya K. Peterson, a pioneering environmental historian of central Asia and associate professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz,...
  • Jonathan Spence (1936–2021)

    Kenneth Pomeranz | Mar 31, 2022

    Jonathan Spence, a pathbreaking historian of China and former AHA president, died on December 25, 2021.

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