• Thinking Globally about Student Protest

    Current Events in Historical Context, Perspectives Daily

    John Delury and Jeffrey Wasserstrom | May 30, 2024

    Many Americans are looking to 1968 to explain today’s campus protests—but there are more recent movements in Asia that could shed some light.
  • From Coding Empire to Globalizing Publics

    AHA Activities

    Mark Philip Bradley | May 21, 2024

    Get a peek inside the June 2024 issue of the AHR.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Toshihiro Higuchi

    Perspectives Daily

    AHA Staff | Mar 21, 2024

    Toshihiro Higuchi is an associate professor at Georgetown University. He lives in Washington, DC, and has been a member since 2021.
  • Bridging Cultures, Nourishing Souls

    Perspectives Daily

    Ke Zhao | Mar 18, 2024

    Can corn congee capture the essence of Chinese American cultural fusion?

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