• Johnny Horizon Environmental Test Kit

    Everything Has a History

    Sherri Sheu | Sep 28, 2023

    A 1970s children’s toy illustrates long-standing interest in—and lack of control over—our environment.
  • Yuji Ichioka (1936–2002)

    In Memoriam, Long Overdue

    Eiichiro Azuma | Sep 27, 2023

    This Long Overdue tribute honors historian Yuji Ichioka, who died in 2002.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Hannah M. Lane

    Perspectives Daily

    AHA Staff | Sep 22, 2023

    Hannah M. Lane is an associate professor of history at Mount Allison University and an adjunct professor of history at...
  • (Re)visioning Past and Present

    Perspectives Daily

    Natalie D. McDonald | Sep 21, 2023

    Old public art can always spark new conversations.

Most Recent

  • It’s Always Time for a Cheeky Nando’s

    Trishula Patel | Sep 19, 2023

    A South American pepper brought by Portuguese colonizers to Africa has become the basis of a global South African brand.
  • Teaching and Pedagogy

    Mark Philip Bradley | Sep 18, 2023

    The AHR looks at pedagogy, Indigenous histories, revolution, the Cold War, the role of AI in historical practice, and more.
  • Posset Goes Viral (Again)

    KC Hysmith | Sep 15, 2023

    Lemon posset has been all the rage this summer on social media—only the latest instance of the dessert’s periodic popularity.
  • When the Big Screen Isn’t Big Enough

    Alexandra F. Levy | Sep 14, 2023

    There’s a lot more to the story of the atomic bombs than Oppenheimer showed.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Enrico Dal Lago

    AHA Staff | Sep 8, 2023

    Enrico Dal Lago is an established professor of history at the University of Galway. He lives in Galway, Ireland, and...

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