• Accori Beads

    Everything Has a History

    Gérard Chouin | Dec 27, 2023

    Glass beads made in medieval Ife became an incredibly valuable European trade good centuries later.
  • Merze Tate (1905–96)

    In Memoriam, Long Overdue

    Barbara D. Savage | Dec 20, 2023

    This Long Overdue tribute honors historian Merze Tate, who died in 1996.
  • Medicalized Enslavement, Disability, and Southeast Asian Art

    AHA Activities

    Mark Philip Bradley | Dec 15, 2023

    Get a peek inside the latest issue of the AHR.
  • It’s Always Time for a Cheeky Nando’s


    Trishula Patel | Sep 19, 2023

    A South American pepper brought by Portuguese colonizers to Africa has become the basis of a global South African brand.

Most Recent

  • Teaching and Pedagogy

    Mark Philip Bradley | Sep 18, 2023

    The AHR looks at pedagogy, Indigenous histories, revolution, the Cold War, the role of AI in historical practice, and more.
  • Macanese Galinha à Africana

    Isaac Boqiao Yan | Jul 12, 2023

    In modern Macao, chicken, bird’s eye chilis, and peanut butter provide a rare taste of memory across Portugal’s colonies in Africa and Asia.
  • Grant of the Week: MESA Global Academy Fellowships

    Lizzy Meggyesy | Apr 7, 2023

    The MESA Global Academy offers competitive fellowships to Middle East Studies scholars in the humanities and social sciences from the Middle...
  • Robert L. Tignor (1932–2022)

    Heather J. Sharkey | Feb 28, 2023

    A pathbreaking historian of modern Africa, the Middle East, and the world, and beloved mentor to generations of students, Robert...
  • Trading on Justice

    Mark Philip Bradley | Feb 22, 2023

    The latest AHR issue includes slavery and reparations, histories of the 19th century, and new approaches to transnational history.

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