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  • Actions by the AHA Council

    AHA Staff | Aug 31, 2022

    The AHA Council has been busy. Find out what it was up to in the first half of 2022. 
  • 2022 AHA Election Results

    Compiled by Liz Townsend | Jul 26, 2022

    The AHA is pleased to announce results of the 2022 balloting for officers and committee members.
  • “Leave the Meeting”

    Laura McEnaney | Jul 12, 2022

    Laura McEnaney looks back on three years as an AHA vice president.
  • 2022 AHA Nominations

    Compiled by Liz Townsend | Mar 8, 2022

    The Nominating Committee offers the following candidates for offices of the AHA.
  • Actions by the AHA Council

    AHA Staff | Jan 31, 2022

    Find out what the AHA Council was up to in the second half of 2021.

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