Teaching and Learning

  • The Annual Meeting Is for Teachers

    Annual Meeting, Perspectives Daily

    Katharina Matro | Dec 8, 2023

    With almost 90 sessions devoted to teaching and learning history, AHA24 is a great conference for teachers.
  • Experiencing the Transimperial While Researching It


    Vicky Shen, Arko Dasgupta, and Eloy Romero Blanco | Nov 8, 2023

    International students studying in the United States face unique challenges in traveling abroad for research.
  • Don’t Stop Worrying or Learn to Love AI

    Perspectives Daily

    Stephen Jackson | Nov 6, 2023

    A careful and considered approach is needed to bring artificial intelligence into the classroom.
  • No Such Thing as a Bad Question?

    AHA Activities

    Whitney E. Barringer, Lauren Brand, and Nicholas Kryczka | Sep 26, 2023

    Historians love questions, but not every question promotes historical thinking.

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