Tuning Participant


Cameron University

W. Douglas Catterall is an associate professor of history at Cameron University, a regional public university in southwest Oklahoma. Interested in the intersection of anthropology and history, Doug’s work concerns how individual and group identity, community structures, and networks interacted with the larger worlds of states, economies, diasporas, and migrations in Northern Europe and the Atlantic world. His first project, Community without Borders: Scots Migrants and the Changing Face of Power in the Dutch Republic, c. 1600–1700 (2002), examined the formation of a Scots migrant community in the Dutch Port of Rotterdam. A second project is a co-edited collection of essays on women in Atlantic world ports entitled Women in Port: Gendering Communities, Economies, and Social Networks in Atlantic Port Cities, 1500–1800 (2012). His present research seeks to understand the place of a single network within the 18th-century Scots diaspora. Doug has also developed a strong interest in ties between history and contemporary policy, which he is exploring with a colleague in political science, and in the linkages between public history and the classroom. His teaching has ranged widely, from world history and western civilization at the survey level to early modern Europe and the Atlantic and Mediterranean worlds at the seminar level. His interest in the Tuning Project springs from the hope that the experimental and energetic possibilities in good teaching can fruitfully coexist with the structural realities of educational attainment and university transformation.