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Saint Vincent College

Timothy Kelly is department chair and professor of history at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania; he is a social historian with special interest in 20th-century US history. His most recent project focuses on the New Deal subsistence homestead of Norvelt, Pennsylvania, a community whose construction the federal government funded to house unemployed coal miners’ families in southwestern Pennsylvania. He is coauthor of Norvelt: Community and Hard Times in Depression Era America, forthcoming from Pennsylvania State University Press. He has also written The Transformation of American Catholicism: The Pittsburgh Laity and the Second Vatican Council, 1950–1972 (Univ. of Notre Dame Press, 2009), as well as articles on the subject in the Journal of Social History, the Journal of Ritual Studies, and US Catholic Historian. He teaches a wide range of US history courses, including Environmental History, Race and Ethnicity in Historical Perspective, Economic History, Sport History, Cultural History, and Documentary History. He worked with local school districts to evaluate and reform their secondary social studies curricula. He shepherded his department’s assessment work over the past four years and welcomes the opportunity to put this in the context of disciplinary standards.