Council Member, Professional Division, 2019–22


St. John's University

Nerina Rustomji is assistant professor of history at St. John’s University in Queens, New York. She is a historian of the Middle East and Islamic Society. Rustomji studies the intersection of politics and aesthetics of the Islamic past and has written on the history of Islamic eschatology, the meaning of Islam in America, and September 11. Rethinking the ways that historians consider the profession also informs her work in the History Department at St. John’s University. As a former Director of Graduate Studies and the current Chair, she is committed to examining how professional practices are adapted for the twenty-first century. She is particularly interested in the development of graduate students and junior and mid-career faculty as they pursue their careers within the academy and the public realm. As part of the professional division, she helps define best practices, provide guidance on ethical standards, ensure fair treatment for all historians, support the free movement of scholars in and out of the United States, and develop advisory materials. She sees the professional division as a resource for all historians.