Tuning Participant


North Seattle Community College

Maureen Murphy Nutting teaches US, Pacific Northwest, women’s, and Latin American history at North Seattle Community College. Since earning her PhD from Notre Dame, she has taught at two-year, four-year, and research institutions and worked as a public historian, while following her spouse’s career and raising four children. She often writes and speaks on teaching and on women’s and immigration history. In addition to serving on the Council of the American Historical Association and National History Center Board of Trustees, she has chaired committees for the Organization of American Historians, Immigration and Ethnic History Society, and Community College Humanities Association, and has been active in national and regional women’s history groups. A leader in history assessment in community college circles, Nutting sees the Tuning project as an opportunity for historians to clarify what it is that we teach and what our students learn, and to communicate this—not only to our constituents but to the wider public, including those in positions to hire students who, while learning history from us, develop the critical thinking, analytical, writing and other skills that make them productive workers in many environments within and beyond academia.