Tuning Participant


Augustana College

Lendol Calder is professor of history at Augustana College, Illinois. A specialist in the history of American consumerism, he is the author of Financing the American Dream: A Cultural History of Consumer Credit. His most recent published work reviews the history and historiography of household money management in the Oxford Handbook of the History of Consumption (2012). Since being named a Carnegie Scholar in 1999, Calder has also worked to advance the field of history teaching and learning. His landmark 1996 essay “Uncoverage: Toward a Signature Pedagogy for the History Survey” called on teachers to demystify historical mindedness by uncovering historians’ basic moves of thought and providing students the practice they need to internalize historical thinking as habits of their own. Calder’s experience with “tuning” includes consulting for the Quality in Undergraduate Education (QUE) Project and for the Australian Historical Association’s “After Standards” Initiative.