Tuning Participant


Delta College

Laura Dull earned her PhD in medieval history from the University of Notre Dame in 2005. She began teaching as a full-time faculty member at Delta College in 2001. She teaches the surveys of early and later western civilization in ftf and online formats and team-teaches a history of women and gender in the west. Laura teaches in a long-standing learning community that pairs early western civilization with a developmental reading course. She has been involved in assessment since 2002, when she joined her college’s newly formed Academic Assessment Committee and became the discipline assessment coordinator. Laura has been involved in general education assessment as a member of the reading effectively and civic engagement resource groups. She is also a member of a team that created the Humanities Learning Center at Delta College, which promotes the importance of the humanities to the fulfilled life of all citizens. Her interest in the Tuning Project stems from a concern about the public’s perception of the history field, particularly subfields like medieval history, as well as her career-long interest in academic assessment and its impact on teaching and learning.