Council Member, Professional Division


Rutgers University

Kristin O’Brassill-Kulfan is a scholar of early American social and legal history and a public historian. At Rutgers, she is coordinator of public history in the History Department, managing the undergraduate certificate and internships in public history, and coordinates the Graduate Public Humanities Certificate in the School of Arts and Sciences. She holds a PhD from the University of Leicester and worked as an archivist before coming to Rutgers. Her first book, Vagrants and Vagabonds: Poverty and Mobility in the Early American Republic, was published by New York University Press in 2019. She is the co-editor of book reviews for the Journal of the Early Republic and editor for the Routledge series Global Perspectives on Public History. O’Brassill-Kulfan is co-chairing the New Jersey Historical Commission’s Advisory Council on the state’s semi-quincentennial commemoration initiative, Revolution NJ and is the recipient of the Ccommission’s Award of Recognition for Outstanding Service to Public Knowledge and Preservation of the History of New Jersey.