AHA President, 1921


Ambassador Extraordinary to the United States

From the American Historical Review 38:1 (October 1932)

Jean J. Jusserand (February 18, 1855–July 18, 1932), distinguished scholar and diplomat, died in Paris on July 18 at the age of 77. For the last twenty-three years of his diplomatic service he was ambassador in Washington. His name was frequently coupled with that of James Bryce in the esteem of the American people. In 1920 he was chosen president of the American Historical Association and presided over the annual meeting held in St. Louis. He entered the diplomatic service after completing his studies at the universities of Lyons and Paris. He became counselor of the French embassy in London in 1887. He had already published a volume on the English theater, and his contributions to history and the history of literature soon won him a notable position in international scholarship. In 1884 he published a volume on Les Anglais au Mayen Age, which also appeared in England under the title of English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages. Perhaps his chief work was his Literary History of the English People, the first volume of which in its French edition was published in 1894. Several of his works were crowned by the French Academy. A still greater reward was his election to be one of the Forty Immortals. In 1929 appeared his Instructions aux Ambassadeurs de France en Angleterre, 1648–1690, an important contribution to a great series of diplomatic documents. His latest volume, published last year, and reviewed in this journal, was Le Sentiment Americain pendant la Guerre. He was always an eloquent and persuasive advocate of a more perfect understanding, the French of the Americans, and the Americans of the French.



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