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Principia College

Faith Paul is professor of history at Principia College. She has recently competed a term as chair of the History Department and is now chair of the Global Perspectives Program. Faith’s primary teaching focus is on the development of history as a discipline from a global perspective, with an emphasis on ways of knowing, and how those ways of knowing have shaped research questions, methods, generalizations from the findings, and the modes of discourse around those findings. She teaches three methods and research courses and works one-on-one with each major on history capstone research. She also teaches courses in American history, focusing on the paradigms of thought that shaped, facilitated, and constrained the perspectives and actions of constituencies and actors. Within the Global Perspectives Program, Faith teaches a course on the nature of complex global problems and interdisciplinary responses, and works with capstone students one-on-one on issues of question framing, methodologies, and generalization.