Former Council Member, Teaching Division


Mississippi State University

Alexandra Hui is a historian of science and modern Germany at Mississippi State University. Her research focuses on the intersection of science, sound, and changing conceptions of the environment, from background music to birding culture. She teaches undergraduate and graduate students in modern European history, history of science, sensory history, and environmental history. Hui has spent her entire academic career at large, public research universities but draws on her own undergraduate education at a small, liberal arts college to encourage a free, discussion-based exchange of ideas. In her current position at a land-grant university in the Southeast, from introductory survey courses to PhD research seminars, she emphasizes the practice of history, asking how – and why – we know what we know. Hui co-organized several summer workshops for local k-12 teachers to help increase the social science content in their curriculum. This experience prompted her to think in a more wholistic way about the what skills and interests students do and do not bring with them to college-level history coursework and has motivated her help her students to better integrate their interest in history as well as the skills of historical analysis into their everyday lives.