The 123rd annual meeting was held January 2–5, 2009, in New York City with events scheduled in the Hilton New York (headquarters) and Sheraton New York (co-headquarters). Many of the profession’s most distinguished members were present to deliver papers and more than 1,200 scholars participated in the four-day meeting. In addition, 49 specialized societies and organizations met in conjunction with the AHA. Each society held its own sessions, luncheons, or meetings, as well as some joint sessions with the Association. Gabrielle Spiegel of Johns Hopkins University deliver the presidential address the evening of January 3. The Association’s book awards, Awards for Scholarly Distinction, the Troyer Steele Anderson Prize, the Eugene Asher Distinguished Teaching Award, the Beveridge Family Teaching Prize, the Feis Award, the John E. O’Connor Film Award, the Nancy Lyman Roelker Mentorship Award, and the 2008 Honorary Foreign
Member were announced.