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John Broich, historian of the British Empire at Case Western Reserve University, offered his thoughts on what Christopher Nolan’s newest blockbuster Dunkirk got right, and where the movie took some artistic liberties. “In terms of accuracy,” Broich writes, “it rates pretty highly. There are no big, glaring historical whoppers.” However, while Broich’s article commends the way that the film portrayed the titular battle, he also points out a few things that were noticeably missing, such as the lack of Commonwealth forces, in particular those from India: “Their [the Royal Indian Army Service Corps] appearance in the film would have provided a good reminder of how utterly central the role of the Indian Army was in the war.” Overall though, Broich’s review is positive, noting that “several scenes in the film must be as near a manifestation of that experience as can be safely had at the multiplex.”