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On behalf of the entire membership of the AHA, the AHA Council offers its highest commendation and deep gratitude for the efforts of AHA staff in organizing a successful annual meeting. Despite the obstacles posed by COVID-19, over 900 members attended the meeting in New Orleans, even as dozens of panels moved online (to take place in late February). These last-minute changes took Herculean effort on the part of executive director Jim Grossman and his staff. Council is especially grateful to meetings manager Debbie Doyle, who essentially organized two entirely “new” meetings—one in person and one online—during the last two weeks of December and the first week of January. Thanks to the tireless work of AHA staff, the organization is not only on sounder financial ground than it would have been had the meeting been canceled, but the membership also enjoyed an even broader range of intellectual exchanges and professional development opportunities than would normally be the case.


James H. Sweet
AHA President, 2022