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Report of the Two-Year College Faculty Task Force, January 2016

Report of the Two-Year College Faculty Taskforce, June 2012

Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct addresses dilemmas and concerns about the practice of history that historians have regularly brought to the American Historical Association seeking guidance and counsel. (updated 2011)

Statement on Diversity in History Teaching (May 1991)

AHA Institutional Membership Program

Perspectives on History Articles

How I Learned to Quit Whining and Started to Enjoy Teaching at a Community College and Why You Might Want to Consider Doing the Same (Nov. 2005)

Teaching History at a Community College (Feb. 2004)

The 2002 AHA-OAH Survey of Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty (Oct. 2002)

Links to Other Organizations

Community College Humanities Association
CCHA is a national organization that exclusively serves to strengthen the humanities in the nation's community colleges.

American Association of Community Colleges
The AACC represents and advocates for more than 1,200 associate-degree granting institutions.

American Association of University Professors
The AAUP's purpose is to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good.

Community College Research Center
CCRC's mission is to conduct research on the major issues affecting community colleges in the United States and to contribute to the development of practice and policy that expands access to higher education and promotes success for all students.  CCRC's extensive body of research provides a strong foundation on which to build new policies and initiatives to improve the outcomes of these institutions so integral to the higher education system, employment landscape, and national economy.

Oral History Association

National Endowment for the Humanities

World History Association


Perspectives on History Articles

Encouraging Research Excellence in Postsecondary History Education
This document offers a philosophical and practical statement about how departments can, and why they should, encourage excellence in research by faculty and students (Oct. 2000).

Research and the Classroom: A View from the Community College (Nov. 2006)

Funding/Grant Writing

Calendar - Opportunities for Research Grants and Fellowships

AHA Research Grants



Atlantic Worlds and the US History Survey: The AHA's Bridging Cultures Project at the Library of Congress by Dana Schaffer (Perspectives, March 2014)

From the Pacific to the Atlantic AHA's Bridging Cultures Program Enters Its Second Year by Dana Schaffer (Perspectives, November 2013)

AHA's Community College Project Receives NEH Grant: "Bridging Cultures" Project Will Help Develop Transoceanic Contexts for Teaching of American History by Julia Brookins (Perspectives, Jan. 2012)

Bridging Cultures, a program for community-college faculty development that promotes a global perspective on U.S. history at the country's increasingly diverse two-year institutions.


Eugene Asher Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes outstanding teaching and advocacy for history teaching at two-year, four-year, and graduate colleges and universities.

Nancy Lyman Roelker Mentorship Award was established to honor teachers of history who taught, guided, and inspired their students in a way that changed their lives.


Statement on Excellent Classroom Teaching of History, criteria endorsed by the Teaching Division and the Council of the American Historical Association as an appropriate basis for evaluating the efforts of institutions at all levels of instruction to establish the prerequisite conditions for historians to provide excellent instruction.

Pamphlets including series on diversity, world history, gender, thinking historically, and reasons for studying history

Power Tools for Teaching and Learning at an Urban-Access University, by José Cuello

Globalizing American History: The AHA Guide to Re-Imagining the U.S. Survey Course, edited by Peter N. Stearns and Noralee Frankel

Perspectives on History Articles

Perspectives Forum: Assessing Dual Enrollment (September 2015)

Perspectives on Contingent Labor: Adjuncts, Temporary Contracts, and the Feminization of Labor (May 2015)

Teaching Undergraduates: A Conversation in Brooklyn (Sept 2014)

My New Attendance Policy by Jonathan Ablard (April 2014)

A Narrow Proposal at a Time of Crisis by Charles Zappia (July 2013)

Teaching History in the 21st-Century Community College by Charles Zappia (Dec. 2012)

What Do I Do and Where Do I Go From Here? Mentoring at an Open-Door Institution by Will Benedicks (Jan. 2012)

A Day in the Life of a Community College Professor by Natalie Kimbrough (Dec. 2011)

Making it Different: Teaching Early American History Honors at a Community College by Brad Massey (Mar. 2011)

Teaching at a Community College: Some Personal Observations by John H. Ball (Apr. 2010)

"The Global Village": Teaching U.S. History in a Multicultural Classroom (Apr. 2008)

Building History Skills Tier by Tier (Feb. 2008)

Taking History Personally: How Blogs Connect Students Outside the Classroom (Jan. 2008)

Thoughts on Creative Teaching in the Undergraduate Classroom  (Jan. 2007)

A Competency-Based Approach to Teaching History Surveys (Apr. 2002)

Links to Other Organizations

National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs
NACCTEP supports institutions and individuals and serves as a voice for community colleges in national discussions about teacher education. It works to enhance current community college teacher education programs and serves as a resource for those looking to develop new programs. NACCTEP facilitates connections between and among community college teacher education programs and community college teacher education faculty. It is home to a network of these programs, professionals, and students connected to them.

Quality in Undergraduate Education (QUE)
QUE is a national project of faculty at selected four-year public institutions and their partner two-year colleges who are establishing draft, voluntary discipline-based standards or student learning outcomes for student learning in the undergraduate major.

Society for History Education (SHE)
Publisher of the quarterly journal The History Teacher.

Teaching History: A Journal of Methods

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Community College Faculty, Basic Skills etc.

Landmarks of American History and Culture - Workshops for Community College Faculty

Service to the Profession