Career Diversity at AHA15

The annual meeting offers many opportunities to explore career paths, hone your job search skills, and expand your professional network. Whatever the stage of your career search, there is a workshop, panel session or networking opportunity to aid you at AHA 2015.

Finding Your Way around New York

The best way of getting around New York is to use public transport or walk, particularly for short distances. Most New Yorkers make extensive use of the subway, which is usually the quickest way to get around the city if it’s too far on foot. You will probably still have to walk a few blocks on each end of your journey, so make sure you pack warm clothes and comfortable shoes.

AHA15 Digital Projects Lightning Round

This lightning round invites historians working on digital projects to share their work in a series of five-minute presentations. Digital technologies have expanded the reach of scholarship in the way scholars communicate their research to an audience and present findings, as well as influencing the questions they ask in planning a research project.

Getting Started in Digital History 2015

Introductory-track attendees get two short overviews on different digital-history approaches, while intermediate sessions are longer and focused on skill acquisition in a single digital-history methodology.

Guide to Receptions at AHA15

Annual meeting receptions provide you with numerous opportunities to connect with your peers and exchange ideas in an informal setting. Growing your professional network is an important part of the meeting, and with almost 5,000 historians attending there is no better place to start.

K-12 Sessions of Interest at AHA15

Are you a K-12 teacher attending the annual meeting? We have an exciting and inspiring program of events specifically for K-12 educators. There are panels, workshops, roundtables and presentations. Be inspired by new teaching strategies and approaches, network with your peers, share best practices, and discuss topics of common interest.

Teaching Sessions of Interest at AHA15

We are pleased to announce our teaching and learning program for the annual meeting 2015. The wide-ranging program presents you with the perfect opportunity to enhance your professional development and return to your classroom with a host of inspirational new ideas.

Tours at AHA15

The Local Arrangements Committee has organized 28 tours highlighting the historical resources of New York. Participants will have a unique opportunity to take these tours with their fellow historians.