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AHA Learn

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Teaching & Learning

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This online event was part of AHA Learn, a new series focused on teaching and learning in history.

How can we teach about the Holocaust and its complex lessons to students today? Join the team at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as they walk us through Experiencing History: Holocaust Sources in Context, a primary source tool for the college classroom. With more than 350 primary sources, including diaries, letters, interviews, historical film footage, photographs, and more, these diverse materials are curated and contextualized for use in a variety of courses. With new material on the topic of “Belonging and Exclusion: Reshaping Society under Nazi Rule,” we explore how to use this digital tool as a platform for active student learning and engagement around the teaching of difficult histories. Experiencing History leverages the digital medium in order to show students how complex and messy these sources—and the motivations of the people who created them—can be.



  • Leah Wolfson, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Luke Ryder, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum