Why Present a Poster?

If your work lends itself to visual presentation-photographs, maps, material culture, or statistical evidence that can be presented graphically-think about proposing a poster. Posters encourage one-on-one conversation between presenters and their audience and are particularly helpful to scholars seeking feedback on work in progress. A poster presentation provides an excellent opportunity to build a professional network and engage with historians researching related topics. Poster presenters gain experience describing their work in a short, informal presentation and typically receive more audience feedback than panel presenters. Presenting a poster can be beneficial to historians on the job market, as it provides a chance for interviewers to interact with you outside of the formality of the interview and see you present your work to others. Posters are the only exception to the bar on submission of solo presentations. Poster presentations are reviewed by the Program Committee and should be listed as an annual meeting presentation on your resume or CV.