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Statement of Purpose: The HistoryMakers is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit research and educational institution committed to preserving and making widely accessible the untold personal stories of both well-known and unsung African Americans. It is now the single largest collection of African American first person video oral history testimony in the world. By recording the stories of both the well-known and unsung from diverse backgrounds, The HistoryMakers seeks to preserve and elevate the cultural equity of the African American community, as well as to increase the cultural understanding of present and future generations. Over nearly two decades, The HistoryMakers has assembled a collection of over 3,000 and growing interviews (10,000 hours of first person testimony), to educate the world about African American life, history, and culture. Recorded in over 413 cities and towns across the country (and in international locations like Norway and Mexico), the video oral histories in our collection, and in The HistoryMakers Digital Archive, range from 90 minutes to 15 hours in length, and are housed permanently at the Library of Congress, which became The HistoryMakers permanent repository in 2014.

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Julieanna Richardson
The HistoryMakers

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Zhu Sun
The HistoryMakers

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Sharion Brown
The HistoryMakers

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