Research Division

The Research Division works to help promote historical scholarship, preserve historical documents and artifacts, ensure equal and open access to information, and fosters the dissemination of information about historical records and research.

The Division oversees:

  • The establishment of priorities for the Association’s encouragement and support of research and the development and use of new and promising tools of research.

  • The history profession’s relationship with archivists and librarians, repositories and archives, and various agencies of government on matters pertaining to scholarly research. The Division works closely in these matters with the National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History.

  • The American Historical Review, including the five-year evaluation of the editor.

  • The Association’s research grants and fellowship programs.

  • All AHA book prizes.

  • The AHA annual meeting, especially the Program Committee Guidelines.

  • General oversight of all other AHA publications.

General Documents and Reports

Oral History and Institutional Review Boards

  • As a statement of best practices in oral history research, the Research Division and AHA Council endorse the Oral History Association's Principles and Best Practices for Oral History and strongly encourage historians using these methods to follow them.

Past Reports