William F. Poole Biography

William F. Poole (December 24, 1821–March 1, 1894) was an American bibliographer and librarian.


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Poole's index to periodical literature. By William Frederick Poole with the assistance as associate editor of William I. Fletcher and the cooperation of the American library association and the Library association of the United Kingdom. Rev. ed. Vol. I. 1802-1881. Boston, New York: Houghton, Mifflin, 1893.

Cotton Mather and Salem witchcraft. By William Frederick Poole. Reprinted from the North American review for April, 1869. Boston: Boston University Press, 1869.

The Ordinance of 1787, and Dr. Manasseh Cutler as an agent in its formation. By William Frederick Poole. Cambridge, Mass.: Welch, Bigelow, and Co., 1876.