Lynn Hunt Biography

Lynn Hunt was president of the American Historical Association in 2002. She is Eugen Weber Professor of Modern European History at UCLA.


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Presidential Columns

On Future Anxieties and Present Predicaments (Perspectives, January 2002)
Has Professionalization Gone Too Far? (Perspectives, February 2002)
Where Have All the Theories Gone? (Perspectives, March 2002)
Democracy and Hierarchy in Higher Education (Perspectives, April 2002)
Against Presentism (Perspectives, May 2002) 
What I Learned Doing a Multimedia Project on the French Revolution (Perspectives, Summer 2002)
Generational Conflict and the Coming Tenure Crisis (Perspectives, September 2002)
A Glass Half Full (Perspectives, October 2002)
Is European History Passé? (Perspectives, November 2002)
Parting Shots (Perspectives, December 2002)