The Education of Historians for the Twenty-first Century (2004)

By Thomas Bender, Philip M. Katz, Colin Palmer, and the Committee on Graduate Education of the American Historical Association

Contents2004 Report

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Part 1: Report and Recommendations

1. We Historians

Defining Who We Are / The Golden Age Legacy / Historical Perspective / The Future of the Discipline / Education for the Future / Generational Succession in the Academy / Public and Private Universities / The Challenge

2. Necessary Discussions

Departmental Culture / Departmental Mission and Program Requirements / Field Examinations / Fields / Language Study / Introductory Course / Interdisciplinarity and Theory / World History / Undergraduate Education and the Education of Teachers / Common Education, Plural Careers / Directors of Graduate Studies and Graduate Administrators / Professionalism and Premature Professionalization / Program Size, Funding, and Diversity / Graduate Assistants and Unions / Foreign Area Studies / New Technologies / Centers for Teaching Excellence/Preparing Future Faculty / Publication and Tenure / The Matrix of Responsibilities / The American Historical Association

3. Recommendations

Program Size / Program Information and Recruitment / Funding / Master's Degree and Doctoral Education / Director of Graduate Studies, Placement Officer, and Staff Support / Mentoring / Annual Review / Retention and Attrition / Grievance Procedures / A Space of Their Own / Placement / Intellectual Community / Dissertation Seminars / Preparation for Teaching / Internships / Professional Ethics and Practices / Citizenship / The American Historical Association

Part 2: Foundations

4. The National Shape of Doctoral Education: A Survey of Graduate Programs

A Preliminary Sounding / Concern / Complexity / Change / Careers in Transition / Complacency / (Mis)communication between Faculty and Graduate Students / Conclusion

Appendix A: Consultations with the Discipline

Appendix B: List of Respondents to the Graduate Program Survey

Appendix C: Survey Instrument

Selected Bibliography on Graduate Training and Historians