Gutenberg-e Support

Early on, the leaders of the project at Columbia University and the AHA realized that the authors would need additional support and guidance in converting their dissertations into digital monographs. Funding support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supported a series of workshops in New York, which brought the authors together to discuss their work with each other, staff at the Columbia University Press and the Columbia University Libraries, as well as other experts in the field of digital publishing. The AHA published regular reports about these workshops to publicize the authors' efforts and progress in the project.

Workshop Reports:

"Gutenberg-e Workshop Sets the Scene" by Pillarisetti Sudhir (May 2000)

"Second Gutenberg-e Workshop Marks Progress" by Pillarisetti Sudhir (November 2000)

"Third Gutenberg-e Workshop Sets the Pace" by Pillarisetti Sudhir (May 2001)

"2002 Gutenberg-e Workshop" by Frances M. Clarke (May 2002)

"Report on the 6th Gutenberg-e Workshop" by Deirdre Murphy (November 2002)

"New Developments in the Gutenberg-e Prize" by Deirdre Murphy (April 2003)

"The Latest Gutenberg-e Workshop: A Report" by Elizabeth Fairhead (November 2003)

"Gutenberg-e Winners Meet at Workshop" by Elizabeth Fairhead (November 2003)

"The Gutenberg-e Program: Reaching Goals, Going Beyond" by Robert Townsend and Elizabeth Fairhead (November 2004)

"The Final Workshop of the Gutenberg-e Project" by Elizabeth Fairhead (May 2006)