Western History Association

Established: 1961. Membership: 2,000. Annual dues: $80 regular; $30 student; $45 emeritus/retired; $95 joint; $125 sustaining; $500 donor; $250 patron; $150 institutional/sponsor

Statement of Purpose: To promote the study of the North American West in varied aspects and broadest sense. The first meeting of what was to become the Western History Association was held in Santa Fe, NM, in October 1961, organized by a small group of history “buffs” and academic historians. Since then the organization has met annually in a wide range of western, and sometimes eastern, cities bringing together a diverse group of western writers, academic historians, public historians, and enthusiasts. Membership is open to any person with an interest in the North American West.

Annual Meeting: October

Publications: The Western Historical Quarterly; Montana: The Magazine of Western History, quarterly; WHA Newsletter, semiannually