United States Commission on Military History

Established: 1973. Membership: 200. Annual dues: $30.

Website: http://uscmh.history.uncc.edu/

Statement of Purpose: The United States Commission on Military History is the US affiliate of the International Commission of Comparative Military History. Members of the US Commission are invited to attend the annual and special meetings of the International Commission and to propose papers to be read at those gatherings. The commission was created to stimulate and coordinate the researches of military historians in a spirit of international understanding so that they can compare the results of their respective endeavors.

Annual Meeting: November

Publication: Newsletter, periodically.

US Commission on Military History
Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Primary Contact: Pat Harahan, Sec'y-General


Hans Pawlisch
Joint Chiefs of Staff
E-mail: HansPawlisch@msn.com

Vice President
James K. Hogue
Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte
E-mail: jhogue@email.uncc.edu

Pat Harahan
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
E-mail: pat.harahan@dtra.mil; harahan@verizon.net

Geoffrey Megargee
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
E-mail: gpmega@yahoo.com

Janice E. McKenney
E-mail: janicee.mckenney@worldnet.att.net

Editor, Newsletter:
Sanders Marble
E-mail: uscmh_newsletter@yahoo.com