Public Works Historical Society

Established: 1975. Affiliate since December 1987. Membership: 150. Annual dues: $35.

Statement of Purpose: The Public Works Historical Society was chartered in 1975 by the American Public Works Association to prepare a history of public works in America to coincide with the United States bicentennial. During its over 25-year history, the society has evolved as an historical organization, having published volumes of books, essays, and articles; administered research grants; sponsored award programs; and hosted academic seminars and meetings. The purpose of the society is to foster a better understanding of public works through the collection, preservation, and dissemination of public works history. It also encourages and publishes scholarly research; promotes collaboration among public works practitioners, historians, and educators; encourages the preservation of historically significant public works; and collects and preserves records of individuals and groups engaged in important public works activities.

Annual Meeting: August

Publications: Public Works History, quarterly; Essays in Public Works History, periodic journal; An Interview With..., periodic oral history series